Bike Is Done


well…for the most part…LOL still need a new seat post, and a few other odds and ends, BUT i did get to take it for a short spin tonight, rides beautifully! i am definitely hooked on carbon forks, soooooo smooth!!!

anyways, here it is, in the basement for now…LOL


and remember, you can donate at any time –> any donations are GREATLY appreciated!!!


the fork frenzy…


so… i bought a fork off ebay for the bike i am riding for Sea to Sea, but it came in today, and turned out to be the wrong size for the frame i was planning on using… this is what i was planning on riding…that i built last winter, and made a few changes last summer since this pic…

so i ended up swapping everything over to another frame i had sitting around (i have several…LOL) so after 4 hrs of swapping parts, i am finally almost done with this bike build. still need a rear derailleur, a new chain, and a few other odds and ends, and then its on to tuning everything up for training…

the new bike build


My blog….

So…im new to the whole blogging realm, since i never had anything really cool to blog about…UNTIL NOW… I recently signed up for a leg of the Sea to Sea bike tour, to help raise awarenes and funds to help end poverty…pretty cool huh?

I have been biking for fun/fitness for the past few years, but never really had a purpose or cause to put with it. I saw an announcement in my church bulletin about the Sea to Sea ride, and started investigating…LOL which ended in my signing up shortly there after!

I have wanted to take part in a long distance ride for several years now, and i felt this one was worth the work of raising $2500 (or more….LOL I dont want to stop at 2500) for the 450mile ride, to take place over the last week of july.
I really wish i could have signed up for the full ride from LA to New York, but i couldnt…maybe next time… Work needs me…LOL

So with the signing up, i started looking at stuff on my road bike that needed work….turns out MOST of it does…LOL since saturday (2/17) i have ordered a new set of brake levers/shifters, crankset and bottom bracket, new fork (got a steal of a deal on a full carbon fiber fork off ebay for $50!!!) and a new riser stem. I still need for sure a rear deraileur, possibly a front deraileur, looking at going clipless pedals so pedals as well as shoes….LOL the list goes on… Does some of the stuff HAVE to be replaced? Nope… Will it make life much easier on the bike for a week straight? Yep…easier shifting, more comfortable ride, etc…

I think thats about all for now, but its LATE and i probably forgot something….LOL oh yeah!!!!!

Any and all dontations are GREATLY appreciated! Every little bit will help me get to my goal of OVER $2500…you can donate quickly and easily via paypal or credit card here –> which will link you to my donation page

I hope to keep this updated with more info as it comes, including training updates! So check back often so you dont miss out on all the fun!