First major workout

Well…tonight was the first night i had some time to bust out the trainer stand, as well as the first major time on a bike since this past fall, when i injured my knee in a fall. It has been a long and painful road to get to trusting my knee again, but here we are, back on the bike finally.

So…after an hr of riding the trainer, i accumulated 18.5 miles worth of riding, and some seriously sore legs, but its that good kind of sore, not the bad kind.

Also, i got my clipless pedals installed, got a set for the road bike i will b riding for Sea to Sea, as well as a set for the mountain bike. Lets just say people were right…i need to learn how to fall. Did really good with them testing them out till i tried to hop over a railroad tie that was blocking off a parking lot…its quite interesting trying to clip out while laying on your back with a bike on top of you…LOL! Adjustment is key, unlike the toe clips i am used to, where i just left them a hair loose and i could slide out no problems…with Crank Brothers pedals there is no “leaving it loose”,only tight and tighter.

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