pushing the limits….BIG TIME!!!

Well, boss let me off work at 1 today, and its a lovely 65 degree day, with partly cloudy skies.so what shall i do with my free afternoon time on this beautiful day? Hop on my bike and ride the stuffing out of it of course!!! So i left the house thinking maybe a 30 mi ride would be good, but in the end i did 45! I found out that i no longer have the balance issue i had on my front wheel, since i moved the magnet for the speedo directly opposite of the valve stem, more on that later….LOL!

So i went out and rode from South Holland, IL, to Crown Point,IN, and back to South Holland, the way out was taxing, since there was about a 10 mph headwind, but i had Mrs. Betty Adams post on the forum for the riders of Sea To Sea about mind over legs in my head, and just pushed through the wind all the way there!

The ride back was quite nice, with a 10 mph tail wind the whole way home, it made for a nice relaxing ride back home! On the way home, i came across a guy on a minibike on the bike path (that’s completely illegal) and after telling him so he got angry and tried to run away from me on his little Briggs and Stratton powered bike, but to no avail, since i had a nice 15 mile rest with the tailwind…he topped out at about 35 mph, and my legs were cranking like there was no tomorrow, and i was hanging with him, and then passed him!!! i looked down at my speedometer, and saw 43mph…i honestly did not have a clue i could push that fast on a bike! Apparently the extra adrenaline from the “race” pushed me much faster than i thought i could go! (it was at this point that i realized the balance issue i had of the front wheel bouncing off the ground at 35mph was gone LOL) it was also at this point that the mind over legs thinking can only do so much… after that little sprint my legs started cramping a bit, so i had to stop and massage that out a bit…i know i pushed WAYYYYYYYY too hard there, but….no pain, no gain right? LOL

It appears as though spring is here to stay finally, so i will get to take the bike out much more regularly. that will definitely help me with my training for Sea To Sea, and also help me with my personal weight loss goals for the summer as well!

i need to give a shout out to the Family at Cottage Grove CRC (my home church) for promptly responding to the flyer that was placed in the mailboxes this past Sunday! Thank you so much for the kind and generous donations!!! i am quite a bit closer to the $2500 mark, but still have a bit to go yet! If you haven’t donated yet and would like to, you can either ask me how, or you can do it online at www.tinyurl.com/bogieboy01 at any time!


Enjoying God’s beautiful creation…

Well, the rain that has been falling for the past week let up today, and while sitting in church, i caught myself looking out the windows more than paying attention to Pastor Richard’s sermon…which coincidentally was ALSO on creation, but with a different twist(as found in Job 38, where God speaks to Job). I found myself thinking if it warmed up another 10 degrees or so, it would be very tempting to go out and ride… Well, it did warm up almost 15 degrees by the time i was home from church, and we had the obligatory Dutch Sunday dinner, (although we did stray a bit… we had pork roast instead of beef roast, but we still had the mashed potatoes and the corn…LOL).

Well, once the meal was over i decided to go riding… and during the whole ride, i couldn’t help but enjoy IMMENSELY Gods Creation, now in the full bloom of spring! I think Folliott S. Pierpoint’s song, For The Beauty Of The Earth sums up what i saw quite well today…

“For the beauty of the earth

For the glory of the skies,
For the love which from our birth
Over and around us lies:

Lord of all, to Thee we raise
this our joyful hymn of praise.
For the beauty of each hour
Of the day and of the night,
Hill and vale and tree and flow’r
Sun and Moon and stars of light
For the joy of human love,
Brother, sister, parent, child.
Friends on earth and friends above
For all gentle thoughts and mild.
For each perfect gift of Thine
To our race so freely given.
Graces human and divine
Flow’rs of earth and buds of heav’n.


The beautiful blue skies, the budding greenery on the floor of the forest around the bike path, the bright sun shining down, the other families walking/biking on the path, and somehow, it seems everyone is very friendly when you are out on the bike path… complete strangers smile and wave, as if they were your best friends…which is quite rare, being right in the midst of the fast paced, urban culture that is in Chicago. If only the drivers on the highways were half as nice as the people you meet on the bike paths.
Lord of All to Thee we raise, this our hymn of grateful praise!!!!!

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April showers bring…

Well…a lack of biking thats what it brings. I would love to be out riding now that its slightly warmer, but it has been raining so much lately that i cant really ride…sure i could ride in the rain, but being high temps of all of 50, i would catch pneumonia for certain!

Come on sunny skies, i need to ride, and before the may flowers bloom too!!! I am a good ways off of my riding goals, as well as my endurance goals… Need lots of work on that yet, as i lost a lot of endurance over the winter due to a leg injury.

Please keep me in your prayers as i continue training (whenever i can that is) and if you would like to donate to my progress for Sea to Sea, and help me cycle to end poverty, you can do so right here ! It only takes a few short minutes, and i would greatly appreciate anything you can give to help me reach my goal of over $2500!