Fulton IL

Today was my first day riding on the tour, rode 20.2 miles, and then rode SAG the rest of the day, and it was GREAT!!!! the tour is out of the hilly parts of iowa (out of iowa all together in fact LOL) and the cyclists had a fairly “easy” 95 mile day, with LOVELY ~75  degree day with not too bad of winds.


The day is finally here!!!!!!

Wow…. So much has happened in the past month and a half, between health issues and everything else in my life, i am thankful to be alive, let alone be riding down the highway headed for Iowa City IA to meet up with SEA TO SEA!!!!!!!!!! God has been SOOOOO GOOD!!!!!! He helped me beat the odds with my health struggles, and has brought so much new stuff into my life in the past month its overwhelming how much He is doing in my life!!!

To say that i am excited to become a part of the Sea to Sea family for a week is the understatement of the century, this is all so AWESOME!!!!!

A big thanks to everyone who has prayed for me through all of this, God has answered in a big way! Even though i wont get to ride the full leg, and will only be riding partial days (about 20-30mi a day) He has granted me enough healing to be able to participate, which i cant say enough how thankful i am for that!!!!!!

Please keep me in your prayers this coming week as i am helping on the support stops as well as riding, and please keep my family back home in your prayers as well, they are worried about me (they love me dearly, so its hard to see thier baby going off on a journey like this, especially given the recent health difficulties)

I will try to update as often as i can this coming week, but i may not always have cell service or wifi access, but whenever i do i will try and keep everyone updated! You can follow the turn by turn directions as well at www.seatosea.org just click on tour route on the right hand side, and every day is listed there!

good news and bad news…and more riding!

well today i received both good and bad news from the tests that i recently had…the good news is: the DVT that was in my leg has been dissolved  and my doc has cleared me to officially start riding again…the bad news, however is that the right ventricle of my heart is still enlarged, and my doc is strongly advising me not to RIDE sea to sea… however, i need to talk to the people in charge, and see if i can ride partial days, or something… i really want to ride….which brings us to the 3rd part of the title…RIDING!!!! i got out and rode 43 miles today…LOL my knees hate me, as well as my calves… but its a really good feeling….