Benton Harbor MI

well, we made it to benton harbor today, the cyclists are riding right around 85-90 mi again today, which is making for some long days… i havent had a chance to update the blog, because tuesday we had no internet, and wednesday we had the ice cream social at Illiana Christian in Lansing IL, after which i had to still work on my bike, installing new pedals, as well as new grip tape…which i did at 10 pm…not fun when you have been up since 5am…one of todays SAG stops ended up RIGHT on lake michigan, which made for some real nice pictures…ImageImage


being able to ride has been such a blessing, you cant even imagine… seems as though i am on a 20-40-20-40 schedule, monday i rode around 20 miles, tuesday i did 40 (in the rain for most of it…LOL) 20 again wedlesday, and today i rode 40 miles…looks like i will do 20 tomorrow, and ride the full 38 mi into Grand Rapids on saturday.


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