Holland MI

well, we made it to Holland… we saw some really cool stuff along the way, went thru South Haven, lots of cool houses there… also saw some more lakeshore today… i only got to ride 20mi but it was a real good 20 mi…..LOL got a flat today on the rear of my bike, as soon as i had it fixed, we started riding again, and got all of 500ft before Danita found her back tire was flat as a pancake! LOL so we stopped AGAIN to change her tire… about a third of my ride was in the rain today, but it wasnt too bad… the good conversations with everyone took my mind off the weather. i have to give a big shout out to Hope CRC, for thier AWESOME support stop with both coffee and really good cookies from a local bakery, as well as the Historic Graafschap church, the first church in the CRC denomination…they have a really cool museum in the basement of the church, that takes you thru the Dutch immigration, and the birth of the CRC. its also a very beautiful building, so i had to take a few pictures…LOL




tonight we are staying at the Hope college dorms…everyone is VERY thankful for real beds!!!!!!!


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