Grand Rapids MI

well, we came to Grand Rapids today, it was amazing how much welcome we received!!! we got free chocolate milk, a whole host of snacks and stuff from another group, water bottles from another stop, lunch at Calvin CRC, and then, the finale of the day… the parade ride into Calvin College…it was a bit scary riding in a tight pack with so many riders….between actual Sea to Sea cyclists, and all the family members, and one day riders, i think there had to be at least 400 or more bikes out on the road… it was CRAZY!!!! didnt get a chance to get any pictures of that part of the ride, really had to concentrate on just riding, when theres no more than 3-4ft between you and the next cyclist, its hard to even concentrate on missing the pot holes or large cracks in the pavement…we pulled in to the college and there was a massive group waitng for us to welcome us too!!!! that was kinda cool…


the hardest part of this day is the fact that it means i have reached the end ofmy leg of Sea to Sea…and that means i have to say goodbye to all my newly acquired friends, but worse than that, i have to say goodbye to Danita, who is now my girlfriend…that will be VERY hard to do after spending the whole week with her, i will miss the long conversations that we had while riding, and the fun times joking around with each other… but, its all in Gods hands, and i know He will bring us back together soon enough! it wont be easy, but i think shes worth it 😉 its not exactly a 5 minute drive to go see her once shes back home in New York state…LOL anyways heres a few pictures from todays ride…i didnt get too many, but lets start of with one of Danita…she will probably want to kill me for this picture…LOL Sorry Danita!!! this is how we would spend a good bit of time on the ride, unless there wasnt any traffic, we would ride side by side thenImage 




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