life…its coming back…. are you ready?

well, i have been back 2 weeks now from the tour, and itskinda been hard to get re-acclimated to normal life…i can only imagine what the cyclists that have been on the full ride will have to deal with in one weeks time… please keep them in their prayers, as it certainly isnt going to be easy for any of them… the tour is like one big family, and you get to really know people, and now the end of this week, they will all have to say goodbye…and return to wherever they call home. On top of that, they will have to reinsert themselves back into their “old” lives, which, isnt going to be easy at all…it wasnt easy for me, the tour changes you…in a good way…but the “new you” may not easily fit the spot that “old you” filled… its hard to describe, but all the cyclists know what i mean, and i am kinda writing this for the cyclists not as much the others who read the blog…but i ask everyone reading this to keep the cyclists in their prayers, as i said… its NOT going to be easy this week, and the coming weeks…


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